Task and Back Stack

Task is the collection of activities which are associated with a specific job. All the activities within a task are arranged in the form of a stack (Back Stack), the most recent one being on top the stack.

The list of all the tasks can be seen by clicking on the recents button.

List of all the tasks on clicking recents button

An application can be associated with more than one task. The dumpsys tool shows the list of tasks and other information pertaining to the tasks.

abd shell dumpsys activity activities

The image shows only a snapshot of this command. A detailed description of each task record can also be seen.

So, basically each task consists of a Task id and it consists of a Task Record which contains multiple Activity Records arranged in the form of back stack.

TaskRecord{107eea #6709 A=com.tfs.consumer U=0 sz=2}
Run #3: ActivityRecord{6396205 u0 com.google.android.gms/com.google.android.location.settings.LocationSettingsCheckerActivity t6709}
Run #2: ActivityRecord{260e4da2 u0 com.tfs.consumer/.SplashScreenActivity t6709}

The expanded version of one Task Record from the dumpsys image is shown with two Activity Records. The Task ID is 6709.


  • This concept of task and back stack make the Multitasking possible in Android.
  • If a task of an application exists and if we open the same application is opened from the launcher, the task comes to the foreground. If the application’s task does not exist, a new task with the new instance of the activity is added at the root of the stack.
  • These tasks can be killed by the Android system if the system runs low on memory.



Hello world WordPress!

Migrated from blogger to wordpress. Huge thanks to these two web service providers for making the migrating so simple.

Wanna migrate. Simple. Two step process.

  1. Open blogger dashboard. Settings -> Other -> Export blog. Download the file
  2. Open WordPress dashboard. Tools -> Import. Upload and import file.

Sorry guys I have no step 3, because we are done. Worked well for me.

Smear on!

Holi has never been a fascinating festival during my childhood. Frankly, I was afraid of it. But its been full of fun for the last three years. Felt like putting it as blog post, the holi celebrations of my past three years.

2010 Mtech first year – in Kerala.
2011 Mtech second year – in Kerala, snap missing. Beep … 😛

2012, in Bangalore.  🙂


Back to my alma mater, NITC after six months was the only exciting thing pinching me constantly. But, Convocation was no where close to my mind initially. Exhilarating fun was obviously the part of those two days.
First day we met our juniors followed by the registration process. Almost all the things we used to do during the college days reiterated unknowingly. We made sure not to miss the Broast food (The best hotel near college), which started off with my favorite tomato soup. At night we preferred sleeping our lab. 
Second day we rushed out to collect our convocation gowns. Almost everyone was kind of busy collecting their parents from different places and arranging the most native food possible ;). For new comers food is really  an impossible affair. In the meanwhile, I enquired about my caution deposit which I had to receive long way back. But, unfortunately I had to loose Rs. 3000 because I forgot to mention pincode. This incident again reminded me that stupidity is still alive in me. Defying this thought from my mind, we all wore our gowns and headed to the convocation hall. All dressed up in black gowns. It was just an awesome scene. Now felt the blow of convocation and its grandeur. After a few snaps we went inside. I didn’t have the glimpse of almost all my classmates until the convocation started. At last, the function started 2hrs late from the scheduled time. In between chats were quite common. The chief guest was Mr. T. K. A. Nair, recently appointed personal adviser for the PM. Earlier he has been for other PMs as well. Even he was exemplary in his oration. 
After awarding degrees to 997 candidates by our director and to toppers by the guest, the show winded up. Particularly a sense of relief could be seen in my director’s face after the distribution of degrees. Degrees to 997 candidates by a single person, really a hellish affair – pity him.
The moment the function winded up, suddenly all our classmates dispersed within seconds, everyone busy returning back the gowns, collecting back the money and rushing to their parents. Felt like god had their roles till that point only in my life.
I left the college midnight, back home to attend a function. Murali, accompanied me till the bus stand and he was quite emotional of leaving the college. Even I too felt the blow. I was missing the college and himself too.  

2011 -> 2012

Am right back, but not as fast as a commercial break. Rather it has been a pretty long time, around 3 months since my last post.

6 months into the IT field, life was quite faster than it ever used to be. There have really been things which I could learn and still learning. Happy for the way things went off and the way things are going on. Nevertheless, I was able to equip myself with a mobile and laptop. Even this post has got its own relevance, since this being my first post through the machine. At least for me.
That to rewinding back to some of my posts its like, every time summoning myself about my present status. I hope this time that won’t be the case.
By the way “Happy new year 2012”.


Quite happy to be back again. I consider this post as a transition from my student life to a professional life. Sorry, I will have to quote that keyword – ‘professional’, even though I don’t love to.

Its been exactly a fortnight since I have joined in Sourcebits technologies Pvt. Ltd. Nearly a bunch of 40 students from across the country made their way into this company on July 1st, 2011. This company is just five years old, not at all closer to the big cos employee count. Just a mere 400+. As of now we are undergoing a training programme which will be lasting for three months. Undoubtedly, happy to be part of this company. Till now the way things are moving on is nice(I don’t say excellent). Lets see what future has to offer me. Lets hope the best!